Q0147. Soul love is two sided, Is the pain also two sided?


Soul love that is love that comes from two people, but what about that pain / sorrow? Is that also two-sided? Just as you experience that love together, do you also experience that pain together? I’m very curious about that.

If you are twinflames, you feel what the other feels, you know what the other knows, you experience, what the other experiences. The pain is part of that. You are an inseparable. It is a deep feeling of lack if your twinflame is not there. He or she feels that exactly the way it is, but may not be able to put it into words as well, or deal with it differently than you. If you want to know for sure, talk to your twinflame about it. Feelings must be expressed, otherwise blockages will arise for your love. It is a fact that you feel so much better when you are together, safe, secure, one with each other, in love … Cherish that feeling. (Unknown)

Here we can unambiguously YES! on answers as far as we are concerned … We were miles apart and at a certain hour I felt a sharp pain in my left hand. When we were back together, I told him what I felt at that particular hour on that day and exactly where it was indicated … and in amazement he looked at me and said it was exactly right there was someone on top of his hand at that moment. And so we have many more inexplicable telepathic experiences. (Unknown)