Q0132. Why does he remain in my heart and soul?


I have put a question here before, but why does it remain so in my heart and soul, I try to let go but it is not easy for me, it seems that I feel it with me day and night, and then that telepathic stuff, pfff sometimes I call him to tell him something and then he is right there at that place and then he is busy with what I want to talk about, weird but true. And like this afternoon I had to pick up something that I still had with him, and then the magnetic force between us … pfffff not normal, but why `does he put himself in there so why does he not go along with it I see that he has to distance himself from us, and yet he does his best to put that distance between us, what is he so afraid of, if I ask him he dares not look at me, and we still feel a together, when we see each other and also when we do not see each other, when I ask him to come here it seems that he does not dare and! if he is afraid, yes I would like it to come over us but he does not dare, why not that is my question what is he so afraid of, he knows that our souls are together 1 why does he want it separately to hold.

I think the love meant here is a “higher octave” of the ordinary home-garden and kitchen relationship, in which you can learn to serve and support each other while your egoism is still in the way. And experiencing that higher octave of love in a (harmonious) relationship is only possible if you are both emotionally mature, have overcome your egoism in all forms to a certain extent. You wonder why he doesn’t dare to lose himself in your love? It is possible that he has not yet sufficiently “become someone”. It could also be that this applies to both of you. It could even be that this is especially true for you, and that he feels it instinctively. In my opinion, relationships between what do you call that are soul loves? impossible if you are not both personally balanced. Precisely because everything in you is strengthened, because you get connected to a kind of cosmic battery (Love), through that love between the two of you. So everything gets enlarged, fresh! , both the pleasure and the emotions, traumas, etc. that have not yet been worked through. You can only carry heaven if you have also learned to tolerate hell! Once again a lot of strength! (Simone)

I have often asked myself that question, but I also notice that my own development is not yet far enough into it, I still have to close something up first, investigate to be able to continue. to be ready for it. I also notice that Twin is not quite there yet. so yes but further develop and search, yet I think that you do not have to do everything alone, that you can also do pieces together, support each other. you can also help each other in this! at the moment i’m very much looking for solutions outside of me, want a partner (yes who doesn’t?) but have to look carefully if i want one, what i recently read on this site, luxury hotel room or a home. I already know the answer, but if that stays closed for me at home, is that hotel room still an option? or do I just go all by myself and I am alone and at home with myself! ? and that will come home together maybe someday, soon, eventually..loves! (Unknown)