Q0116. Does anyone recognize astrology and numberology in soul love?


I met a boy five years ago. I myself was almost 15 and he was 22. He just had a girlfriend for three months. But we still had a certain click. Two years later we met for a moment, after I had not seen him for two years. And my first reaction was “what have I missed you”. Later it became a blinking light relationship, where it was more about a blinking light relationship between him and his girlfriend and where he came to me when things went wrong with his girlfriend. Now I still miss him terribly and it is a feeling that does not wear out. He taught me to love someone sincerely. I couldn’t do this because of my past. Now he and I, both ascendant, sun and moon have the same sign. I happened to find out that my birth time is related to his birth date. As an example the time 6.49 corresponds to its date 19-4-’69. (So ​​the day is 6 + 4 + 9. Does anyone recognize this with a soul love or twinflame?