Q0115. A kind of feeling in my lower abdomen. Who knows such a thing?


About half a year ago I met my twinflame, since then I have grown incredibly spiritually and it really is the most beautiful thing there is. Now for three weeks I have had a kind of feeling in my lower abdomen that is sometimes strong and sometimes not. It is a kind of constant tickle / energy that is sometimes so strong that I cannot sleep, it also immediately becomes more powerful when we are in contact or when he feels good or is ‘growing’, who also has this and who has experience with this for a longer time?

It may be that from a spiritual point of view you are quickly developed / grown, so that your vibration (number) also rises quickly. I have experienced something similar. The vibrating, itchy feeling was in my stomach and chest. It took a year for me. (Tiny)

That tickle in your lower abdomen is the awakening of kundalini energy (life energy and therefore self-healing energy) that is released when “it flows” it can feel very fiery and therefore also disturb your sleep rhythm and your eating patterns. I have a lot of experience with this myself. And my tip is: let it be there, don’t be afraid, take care of yourself. use that energy, it is pure creative energy and you can do beautiful things with it, creative things like painting, dancing etc. If you can’t sleep … then you can’t sleep, do something different and follow your body, who knows 100x better what good for you. Drinking lots of water … swimming, grounding through walking or something. And put your hands on places on your body with an intention that you need at that moment: for example rest, or safety. Read things about kundalini energy and rely as much as possible on your own findings … fear is a bad counselor, trust! is the keyword. In contact with your twinflame, that energy will flow extra because you are very attuned to each other. but you can also experience that energy with animals or plants or even the sea. Unit! that’s what it’s about. Pure love. (Iris)