Q0089. What can I do and can we meet each other in life because we feel each other?


Since April this year I have been contacted by e-mail with a person. At first it was fun and fun, but in no time true love arose on the mail / chat with each other. We understood each other with and without words. The contact was very intense on every level. We felt each other without ever seeing each other. Now 5 months later the contact is broken and we need the rest together. My feeling says that this is my twinflame. What can I do and can we meet each other in life, because we feel each other? This love is so deeply deep that I have no doubt that we belong together.

You rarely meet a twinflame in (earthly) life, and a meeting with a soulmate // companion can also be very intense. these 2 things are often confused. The encounter with a soulmate always has a reason, and to become aware of yourself, also for the other. This creates a lot of energy, but because your fears also become visible and palpable, this can become too much so that a “break” is necessary because you have to go so deep. when you can go into the depths, this will bring much happiness to yourself, but that does not mean that you will continue together. (Unknown)