Q0077. How do you cope with no longer settling for less than the soul love feeling?


Where I am disappointed that now that I know that this exists, I will no longer settle for a ‘normal’ love affair. I would rather choose to just grow old with a lot of friends than to go somewhere that I don’t fully support. Since our relationship had no name, it didn’t end, it just went like that. I seek more than I would like to admit such a love again, but I know that just as I let it go, such love will come my way again. I sometimes experience that as frustrating. Luckily I have a positive attitude in life and I enjoy myself very well, but this keeps me busy, it is an indescribable desire, a desire that I am looking for a way to deal with. Because I know that when I come across a soul love again and walk too fast, I do not do justice to myself and my feelings. Professionally, I can sometimes put various diagnoses on myself and can therefore start doubting myself. How do you view it?

For someone who has ‘had’ an experience with soul love. Afterwards it may well be possible to feel love with someone else (ordinary infatuation) but not in these heights if you were with your soul love, a partner after soul love will always come in second place .want from within you are with the other person (unknown)

I wonder, after you have had an experience with a soul love, can you then (soul love) fall in love again with another person or will that feeling only remain with that first soul love? (Unknown)