Q0073. Why do some people come across their soul love and others not?

Why do some people come across their soul love and others not?


Since I met my soul love I know what true love is, even the sex is more intense and longer than with a normal crush that only lasts a while. Sex with a soul love is the best thing there is. But also the feeling, you do not see each other but you know what the other feels. For the people who are never allowed to meet their soul love, I wonder why some meet him and others do not, especially the fate of who deserves his soul love and who can meet?

I believe that people attract their soulmate / twinflame / soul love through the way of their Thinking. If someone is not believed in the true, too often or too badly hurt by someone and no longer believes in love, then such a person will not attract the true through his / her way of (negative) Thinking. Purely because there is a lack of Faith and Trust that one will ever meet that truth. Your way of thinking creates your reality for you. (Unknown)

Someone who dreams of meeting the true will sooner attract his true because he continues to think positively, believes in it and trusts that it will happen. I think that if you love yourself enough, you will attract the others. And that then the next phase starts, namely to learn together what unconditional love is. Love (Ivy)

I met someone who was hurt a lot in love, when we met, there was a band right away, the weird thing is; we have seen each other’s soul in our eyes, but because he doesn’t know how to deal with it and thought it too oppressive, he asked me to give up, I couldn’t understand this and we got into a fight, he insulted me and I offended him, but the feeling does not let us go that we are not together not with me because I feel him constantly but also not with him that he shows me but because he has been so often hurt in his previous relationships he is now too stubborn to come back with me and he keeps his distance, but I know and I feel that we come together again even though I hurt him as he says, I know this for sure, so I just let him go his way, even if he says no (d …) too much has happened, He comes back because what we had and has together is unique, we told each other and felt it so that we love each other with heart and heart! soul, so it’s worth the wait, I guess. Yes soul love hurts I think even more pain than dying, when you are no longer together it seems that you are torn by pain and sorrow so I keep waiting because I know that I will never feel this again with someone else and if I do another would come across that I would only compare him with my soul love and I think that would not be fair. (Unknown)