Q0061. Expectations … do we need them?


Expectations are killers for your relationship and for your life. You expect the other to do this or this, while the other can never meet your expectations. But the question is can you live without expectations? You can expect from yourself that you do not expect from the other. Secretly hope you expect that the other person will find you nice, sweet, kind, etc. While you should expect yourself to find yourself nice, sweet and kind. Accepting the self is the healing medicine that you need not to expect from the other. The society in which we live creates that you are expecting, for example if I go to the bakery I expect that I can buy bread there and no apples, when I go to pay, I still expect that I will receive money from the device. So we cannot escape to allow expectations into our lives. Are we talking about learned behavior or is it a survival strategy? Is it that we make a choice to expect? Or can we choose not to create expectations? Are there different expectations? They are questions I ask myself? I don’t want to expect, but I still do it. Will it make me happier? To be honest, I create fear within myself and create thoughts that feed energy. I energize every thought and create a world of expectations and disappointments. Ultimately, you cannot see one without experiencing the other. Behind the clouds the sun shines thoughts, so you need expectations not to see that you should not expect the other. So in the end we have the experience, choice and different expectations needed to find out what happens to yourself when you expect. Every experience brings you closer to yourself, so also the experience with expectation. Much strength with the voyage of discovery of expectation and see yourself behind the clouds

Yes you say it right. Expectations can give disappointment which in turn gives us insight. Nothing wrong with that, I would say. (Unknown)