Q0054. Recognize someone before you see him, Who has had such an equal experience?


Who has had such an equal experience of recognizing someone before you see him and suddenly he is everything in your life? I don’t care how he’s a part of me. What does the mirror image part mean then? All very confusing?

I !!, I already knew half a year in advance that I would meet him … .. In a moment of intense sadness I wondered where my real partner was, and then his face appeared, I see it as a kind of vision. One with major consequences, when I met him in real life I was completely lost. seeing someone so intense in my head has never happened to me before, most of the time I forget someone’s details, but this was so pure, so clear, looking down to the bone in every cell towards the nucleus. I said to him, if I die I would like to repeat that moment again, deep and intense happiness came down on me … (Unknown)