Q0053. My heart and soul and mind are occupied, by my soulmate, how can I admit another person?


My story is very strange. I had had pain and sorrow and setbacks in my life for years, that I didn’t like it anymore and the only thing I thought about at that moment is: I want to die and I have made many attempts. As always and I don’t know what I owe it to, someone came into my life. It was a contact via internet mailing and chatting. That did very well. It seems like so many memories came to mind. This experience brought me back to life and when I saw his photo for the first time, I was deeply shocked it is too good to be true. I recognized it and I drew it from childhood, although the eyes were very different. It did not last long and there were a lot of arguments and misunderstandings. In short, it was more downs than ups. Afterwards I finally broke it down at the end of last year. Which is striking. In April last year I went to a party with a super bizarre feeling that dominated my whole body. I come across my true one today. I had waited a very long time and I thought maybe my feelings had lied to me again, although I had never listened to my feelings before. I had made a promise to my friends that from that day on I would only live on the basis of love and look up and saw a mirror image of that mail friend. I thought he was that “friend.” Everything seems the way he is. It was all confusing for me. My friends also thought the same even their names were exactly the same. She said; you know now, stop searching. I went home crying and still crying for him and carrying his photo in my wallet, something I never did with anyone before. The only thing I know now everything was totally changed in my life .. Only beautiful things and the good is on and everywhere, but also a lot of pain and sorrow in my heart, although my heart has become very warm and love radiates from my eyes and loved by many do not make from where I end up. My so-called friend had declared me crazy, cursed and treated very lowly. Doesn’t matter, says more about him than me. I do not bear hatred. I have now put an end to it. Now I have another problem. My heart and soul and mind are occupied by my soulmate and I can no longer open my heart to another, although I have tried it more often and I can also find my soulmate and I dare not. I am so anxious that I have shared a lot with a mirror image of him (only spiritually, but also intimately). I still feel very sad and I don’t know how to proceed. Who can give me advice?

Your own feelings are even more important than those of your soul love. Always love yourself the most. (Willem)