Q0047. How could he know?


I had a conversation with my twinflame / soul love for a year ago. He told me things I didn’t even think about anymore and things I had never told anyone. I am shocked by this. We both felt the same. That’s almost impossible I thought then. I am used to it now, but I really wonder without telling each other something that we already know most of the time that something is wrong or that we need to talk. I often doubt this because yes, you can’t look into anyone’s head, how do we know what we think and feel?

What you describe is one of the characteristics of soul love. You are so one with each other that you can feel what the other is feeling. And vice versa. You know it. You are literally on the same wavelength. If you start to doubt then it no longer works. If you don’t think and just ‘listen’ to your feelings, it will work. (Tiny)