Q0046. How can I learn to stop feeling panic and pain? (how can I let him go)


I got to know my twinflame in November. Unfortunately (like so many stories) he is still in a relationship. The point is that he told me last week to just forget and move on with my life. However, this is not possible because every time I make the decision to let go and tell it in my mind, I feel that it comes to my heart a little later. Normally it is already there, but then suddenly just as much more intense. I do not want to contact m because I am afraid that TM will influence his decisions. I also feel his panic and pain. I am now looking for a meditation or exercise so that I can at least protect myself against his feelings because at the moment everything just stands still for me. I really just want to live on until the moment he comes back to me (I know that will happen).

You can never forget him .. I will tell you that if this is also a soul love / friendship experience for you, then he himself will also feel that pain. Only when you no longer have it you will miss it. I have I myself also once distanced myself from my soul love / friendship and that has hurt us both so much that it was only possible to hold on for 2 days and we both contacted us again by e-mail and telephone. we only know that we will see each other again. So if you know for sure that you will meet him again, you might be able to hold on to that feeling and see this as a break for a long vacation. Sincerely, I hope it will help you. (Unknown)