Q0040. Can you also recognize someone with a different appearance (from a different time)?


My twinflame Angelo and I have known each other for four years now, with good and bad times. In the beginning I still had a relationship and he didn’t but now it’s the other way around. I’m alone now and he’s in a relationship. So the result is that we no longer have contact with each other. That hurts a lot because he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. My question is now; can this work out well between us? Do the feelings remain the same for each other even though there are other partners (with him then)? I had sent him a letter with my feelings for him and since then I don’t feel him anymore and he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore and says that he does that for his girlfriend. What should I conclude from this? Does he then suppress his feelings for me? I’m kind of desperate. We had something so beautiful, why does it hurt so much. As a twinflame I can’t live without him and he can live without me because he doesn’t want to contact me…. My intuition told me; ‘everything will be fine’ and I now have a very hard slap in the face because it turns out not to be so.

Don’t make yourself dependent on your soul love! You have experienced something very beautiful that you would like to continue to experience for the rest of your life. That is certainly possible, but perhaps not with him. What you have experienced is your own unconditional love. He is your purest mirror to let you experience that. But he is your mirror, you are the source, it is YOUR love. Let him go and find what you want to find in yourself. Maybe it will someday be a love affair with him but maybe not. Just live your life and see how it goes but do not organize your life and your feeling depending on him. “Pain” is what YOU feel, not something that is caused by the situation itself. It is how YOU deal with the situation. Look a little more at what good things it has brought you and less at what you don’t think you have now. Why he doesn’t want a partner relationship with you doesn’t matter to you. Respect and accept that he makes his own choices, even if you would have made other choices. Ask yourself one: What do you long for when you long for that soul love? To the feeling of love or to the person? I don’t know the answer either, haha. (Tiny)

A question to Tiny; you are so quick with your answers. I wonder, are you over your soul love yourself? Or are you hiding it inside? You told me you never had anyone else after that. Is that because your heart is occupied and not open to another relationship? because you know that this feeling will never be the same as with your soul love. I think you know the answer deep down, but try to stay tough on the outside. (Katrien)

It is exactly what Tiny says for this “What you have experienced is your own unconditional love. He is your purest mirror to let you experience that. But he is your mirror, you are the source, it is YOUR love. Let him go and find what you want to find in yourself. ”I know the mutual experience of soul relationship with the same outcome. It hurts a lot. However, after taking some distance you can see that you have been helped on your way and that the existence (not so much the person may be) is grateful for that. It ends here because it has served its purpose. You need peace and reflection to be able to see that it is not your goal to lose yourself in this relationship. You are on your way to something much bigger and on the way there is something falling from time to time. This makes the load lighter for the horse. Do not use the energy that is released to look back and to engulf in grief, but to look for where that pain comes from … in you, not outside of it. You need to go through some resistance to feel pain, and notice that the resistance is the pain. To want it different from where you are, always and forever causing pain. (oh yes, Tiny, I long for the feeling of love.) (Otto)

Many of us have traveled long and far to merge again with our other complete half that we have lost in our previous lives. A Soul Love is someone who was known to help you before you incarnated. Your life will take many directions and at the perfect moment your Soul Love can come back into your life and let you learn about yourself in a powerful way. Many think they are married to their Soul Love, but few people actually live in such a relationship, even though they would like that, or they are happy with this, and do not know any better. It is a special encounter when you meet your soul love, or recognize it again after eternal lives, one that will most likely change your life. This can be positive or negative, which depends on how you stand in yourself. So much comes loose, all the sadness and happiness of the present comes up again. If you are strongly attracted to someone right now, it is good to realize that your Twin Ray could be in your area, that his energy is therefore around you and that this is what you really feel. It will feel like you have always known each other and worked together and that is true. There is a special bond between Twin Flames and you will be forever connected to the heart because someone will never forget that special love with a Twin Flame. It is superior to human sexuality and it is purity of dedication to work together during these cycles. You have gone through a lot and after the Twin Ray was split the first relationship you entered was with a Twin Flame. At the level where we were split, there was no time for jealousy yet, we only created and lived in the love of our Source. we knew that a time would come when we would once again be reunited as a heart forever. I can honestly tell you that there are sad and painful memories of this separation of two hearts, all of which can be purified by the Divine embrace (destiny) with a Twin Ray, if you are lucky in this life that it will take place again and may find each other again. That you may find that special one again, if you are both on earth, otherwise you will find it in a subsequent life or lives on it. Special that you were allowed to meet each other again this life, let go, after you finally met again? A pain that you will never lose. No one else can give that emptiness in your heart any warmth! except that special one. If you have discovered soul love, you will never go for less. (Roel)