Q0017. How can I be sure that my feeling is correct?


From last year there is a man in my life. We have not had a relationship. It is true that I am always more interested in his comments than those of others. His mother felt familiar as I have known her for years. I experienced this same with his best friend. We have had many meetings. But each time we have done a lot to get out of it quickly. We understand each other very well. I feel it flawlessly. Our experiences, attitude to life and choices are consistent. in addition, during a group meditation where five others were present, I experienced that an appearance (small flame with its appearance in white in front) that requested me or that I wanted to become one with him. I then answered yes and what happened then was a fused amalgamation of two golden cords. My own came from my crown, the other from that flame with its appearance. Although there are more signs, this is decisive for me. I suspect to have found my twinflame. But I have no clue about him. How can I be sure that my feeling is correct?

By Trusting and Believing in It. If you start doubting then your fear / ego is in power, love does not doubt, it knows….

Your feeling is always true, it is the thinking that confuses you. The feeling is in the body, the mind is in the head, that is the big confusion. You come across yourself is an expression that reflects this. You feel something and then you start thinking, so you confuse yourself. And that is how you are confronted with your own beliefs that form your own barriers.