Q0003. Dreaming about your twinflame?


My question is if you know who your twinflame is and he is unreachable how can you dream of him, it happened to me that I dream about him very often then we kiss each other and love each other and we are very intimate, and we love from each other. so my question is how can and why do i dream so much about him? Thanks in advance.

You can certainly dream about your twinflame, I have experienced that very often. Just not in the way you dream. I dreamed more clairvoyant dreams, often quit (unknowingly ?!) to be with him. The last time he visited me in my dream and walked across the road (parallel lives) etc. However, I never dreamed that we are super intimate (I mean in a sexual way) Previously on a higher level of consciousness. I think that if someone is unreachable you are dreaming that you are kissing with him etc. Precisely because he is unreachable. But dear Layla, if it is your soulmate, you can “talk” to him at any time on a telepathic level. Then he is always with you day and night. I also talk a bit with mine 🙂 Try to let it go a bit more .. after all, letting go is to love (I had to do it myself too) (L)