P0878. Love craves to live


Our deepest desires naturally flow to each other
Clear desires, always searching for full realization
They want to spring, become, be, in unconditional love
Abundance of pure love craves to live, to share, to thrive

Not tamed past swallows indispensable space for rapprochement
He persists with pure, sincere, open intimate provocations
That lifted her thick stone walls from the deep fog, into the bright light
love kicking to resolve the stacks of the past

The desires fight for germination, life, existence, for growth
Against fear, resistance, materializing in overwhelming projections
His love persists to embrace her spitting, hissing volcano
So that she can crush her dark lumps with healing glances

Ultimate love plays an intense testing mirror of the self
Released past images thunder, shake, vibrate, shake eagerly
Yearning for loving recognition and warm embrace
Until they dare to fade, may disappear, let go … Finally free again …

Where their desires come together, merge, realization comes about
And coming up painfully slow, incredibly cautious, with fragile confidence
Contours of their budding path to be allowed to go into the horizon
Enrich each other with incredible abundance. To intense flowering