P0832. Did I lose you?


The days are gray and cold together
You don’t look for heat with me
The year is ending and I feel alone
Yet I know that you don’t feel free
Just as bound as I am but in a different way
We both look our way through the foggy landscape of soul love
You there and I here It is not so
many kilometers that separate us
The barrier is unfortunately not in the distance but in your heart
Why do you not see that this makes you suffer so much?
Allow the love and enjoy it I would like to shout at you
Come, let’s go get that control, You
throw for the lions
I’ll be there, my arms wide open
Come to me and air your heart
Together we will continue to walk our way carefully
You are trying to banish me from all power
Do you not understand that you are hurting yourself?
Did you never change that?
You feel just as hard what you do to me
We are one in the soul
One in everything, dear Bart