P0809. Goodbye sweet


I know you have to do this yourself
Just as I had to do that, then …
I understand like
no other Like no other I know
that time is not an enemy
but I am so afraid
of the loss

felt the sunlight on my skin
saw the sky breaking open
was so happy, so at home, so happy
when my eyes looked back into yours
and already a thick cloud cover
a foggy view, a silence for
a moment I lost you again

I may ask
may wish
that we have been granted
that you will get
what I have not been able to do
that you no longer want to
let go no longer want to let go
that we have stayed here now
but will just ever continue

Take your time, do your thing,
my heart will warm you
and when you find me again
I will take you in my arms

This is 1 of the many poems that I wrote before I was aware of the possibility that this could be for my soul love. What do you mean recognition …?