P0783. Driven by love


Thoughts still present
He is a twinflame of mine
Until now still concealed
I feel a piece of emptiness deep within me

The memory will wear out
Always stay in my heart
It was only then
that you gave love to me

Driven by love
I admire you as a fan
I long for the unknown
Is what is present

Love is over now
A piece of love is growing in me now
Thanks for this gift
That what you gave to me

I did not visit you to hurt you
Know that I actually do not know you
What do you want to say
That I am a bitch or devil girl

You love me
And then again
I don’t make you happy
Give your sorrow

We together as Jut and Jul
Just a daughter with her dad
We are not a nice couple
And what do you put at stake

Then it is better
to continue
Without me
Without tear; No woman no cry

If we will ever be together
Then the Cosmos brings us together
For a year and a day
Without a tear but with a smile