P0776. Lost but maybe found


I can’t love someone
My heart is still with you
the unknown, the strange ..
I know your name
I am aware that your love, that love that you felt you wanted to give me
But something stopped you
I never get there behind.

You’ve had a relationship for about 8 years now that you’re “happy” with, that’s what you said.
I am not in balance
I admit that I wanted to have experienced your love
But now everything is over.
No matter how far I am away from you or live or go traveling ..
That distance draws me closer to you / feeling like.
Every time, I return to the place where you live.
The place where our feelings started to play ..
It won’t let me go .. Not to be with you.
17 years ago I saw you for the first time … time stopped and we stared into each other’s eyes. You felt it, you told everyone what you felt .. except directly against me ..
So many people shouted your name to me ..
Now 12 years later your friends suddenly contact me ..
May it please God that I may hold my soulmate in my arms .. Again after all those years the feeling comes as if I am connected to you with an umbilical cord .. so strong .. I read everywhere signs and signals / suddenly hear everywhere your name .. is this real or I lose my mind ..

17 years back just before I met you someone told me .. go there, because you find the love of your life there .. And then suddenly there you were ..
So many years passed and still no acceptance .. My complete body and soul do not give up.
I hope my words can reach you