P0775. Your outside


You have a cheerful exterior with a never-ending smile
It has happened very rarely that I saw anything else from you
You do not
tell me that you are always so cheerful Because why do I feel so deeply sad, so displeased?
We were mirrors, each other’s soulmates?
Then why are you so busy with all your dates?
Is it a distraction or the silent hope to find someone to share your life with?
I don’t know and can only cry
All those girls are just one of the many
Never one that it is and it will stay
It’s the tension and the sex with which you dispel your sorrow
Don’t think I don’t see that because my gaze is very sharp
When I look at you I see a man with hidden sorrow and buried desires.
Will you follow when I throw the first stone?
I dare not tell you about my feelings and thoughts even though I have them very well in a row
Afraid to bump into a rock hard wall I keep them for me
For me alone, shared here with the world
In real life nobody knows that you play with my heart