P0764. Spiritual explosion


Discovery, honeymoon phase, attracting and divesting
Where are we now, what have we achieved?

Discovery, was already in our previous life
Then you had already given me that love

Then we did something naughty.
In this life we ​​are behind the facts

Honeymoon phase, that doesn’t stop
My world is totally upside down

What you do is do you well, incredibly tasty
Venz, venz, venz! Incredibly tasty

Attract and repel, are we drama queens perhaps?
We had already seen that it would be so difficult

You scared the shit out of me
Did you do that to every woman?

In the past, everyone involved themselves with it. They
prevent contact with the two of us

Ah, now is now and then was then

I hope it goes well with you
and that you are fine with your current wife
may experience moments