P0646. Closed a chapter


past …

I let you go
and you let me go

determined this time ..
and now really no change
johannes; .. you know it
deep in your heart
it goes you well, I make a new start

it was an adventure in itself ..
mirroring, and there was plenty to see
but there was no more, and now I let go
to receive that real love maybe

took 3 years
in this life, that is.
shoulders tense, heart thumping;
but the new life that looks to me

and, this time, I hope, without regret
without pain, and without reproach
without nights cold and alone,
in my bed, without you around me

the arms I longed for stayed away;
stayed far away
the kiss that first touched my heart
disappeared, and turned out to be just an attempt at “real” ..

bye johannes, and what you first mentioned
bye bye, bye, by how I spoke to you first.
I have to walk now, far from you
I go, but not really at ease ..

in the distant view of new opportunities;
I now shy away from dancing
my body does not want, is full of sorrow

bye bye .. “nice thing” ..
charming “little angry man”
with a heart of a hurt lamb
the heart that I don’t know yet