P0645. Broken


broken ..
I am here ..
broken ..
regarding many memories ..

you do not choose me as your girlfriend
but you do want me “in your life”?

we leave the interpretation open, you said time and again to
let go of all expectations, and it always hurt me

to see your impotence, to feel your anger,
the distance, I looked at you from my bed ..

sometimes nights long, tossing in sorrow, …
you have almost even expelled me a few times ..

but when, in despair,
I withdrew,
you said to friends , .. snif ..

if only it could have been different
did you not see what you were doing …?
did you not feel it, my sorrow?

attract..? yes .. to a certain extent ..
because if I wanted to get closer, you said “No”.
repelling, yes.in almost all areas ..
but while traveling, and eating out, you wanted to take me along ..

3years I kept it up .. 3years
in which you always said ..
I make sure you never have to lose everything again
but now I can’t choose anything else ..

there is only space, and light and freedom ..
your words, from what you want ..
with all that space, my heart is broken,
and my body chills again by distance ..

I let you go;
like you never held
me .. do you let me go ..
like I always had to?

out of the dungeon, with broken wings ..
for a new chance for love and prosperity …