P0642. I beloved


no one understands ..
say; go ahead with your life ;.
take distance
and be thankful for the given.

another will come
where it will flow;
where everything goes naturally
and you can dream your dream; ..

you touch me;
almost imperceptibly soft.
I look at you;
in the silence of the night.

15 years older ..
I am in this body
15 years younger you ..
does our love not get a name?

is it the irony
incarnating “wrong” again and again ;
and try again ..

closer, you do not want
and yet you do.
farther away I want, from this “hell.”

sleepless nights ..
my heart that calls and says
go ni Get back together again
listen to me, this is real

but … the world ;.
the pains of the past ..
the fears, and disapproval ..
and the horror thereof ..

norms and values;.
what is and is not allowed;
i don’t know how to turn ;.
and get away from your smile ..

through centuries never

hands entwined
hearts like 1
and, now, apart again.
go somewhere else?

we talk so much;
and defend the trauma;
deny, the deepest;
what lives in us ..

also those lives
that you, on earth,
have lived so much
without me

experiencing love ..
while I looked at you;
from far above …
and not from your side week ..

I jumped down
with all the risks involved.
15 years early ..
could not see the Up;

spontaneously I flew back
to earth and its density
at n “wrong” time
that seems so; now ..