P0639. Happy New Year


Softly I whisper your name so that it feels like you’re a little bit with me
Every year around this time it goes like this
Then it’s like I’ve never known you

We have disappeared from each other’s field of vision
While only a few kilometers really separate us

We both feel tortured
by avoiding compulsive self-imposed

I want to banish you from my thoughts and heart.
Don’t think about you anymore and live my life as I did before I knew

Don’t you want to see me anymore and don’t think about me anymore
Do you feel that you miss me anymore ?

A mirror always shows what it stands for
Mercilessly honest
I see you in my mirror through my own face

I know running away is useless because my feet are tied
You may also get away from your place, but never from what you have found

There is only one way and we will have to go.
That is why I will come in a few days as I have done in other years

Then I wish you a happy New Year and for a moment we touch each other because it is allowed
I am looking forward to seeing you as I have always liked you