P0627. Speechless


It has been given to me to be able to translate my feelings into words.
Not only here but elsewhere are many translations that tell of my love for you

Out of necessity because I can’t talk to anyone in the world
About what’s going on in my heart
Nobody would understand except you
You and the others experiencing the same thing
I am very happy despite the pain that this was given to me

My heart is pounding in my throat, my fingers are shaking on the keyboard
Is it you who wrote this?
Or am I going crazy now?

Nothing comes to sleep anymore, the adrenaline rushes through my body
I feel like I have been drinking five liters of coffee
I think I will stay awake all night

No, I have to go to sleep now with a smile on my face
In my mind I see you
And the words of your poem

Could it be? Magic exists, I know?
Yes, I know that for sure. But if it concerns yourself
then it is strange and you still doubt

I will dream about it one night
Sleep well then I will try.