P0612. But so close and distance


being close is already
taking distance is simply not
there just
and it will stay
because you and I are already together
even though it
enjoys appropriate distance !
I’m going to tell you
if I feel that it can
fear to say it is actually
a bit stupid of me
but I wish I could do
what do I have to lose?
because soul love remains
so no doubt
we continue to save it together
we have something to learn in making contact
if you give me safety in openness
and I will get you
further and further

We have something to learn in making contact. After reading your words an inner peace fell. You simply can’t take a distance, dude! ;-D Thank you for experiencing the same. I want to tell you that you have dispelled my doubts, my uncertainty that I have always had disappeared in a few words. After all these years I finally feel the peace. Your fear that you describe to say it? I am just like that, because the soul love feels so deep and there are no words for it. I have a lot to tell you, but that will also be the other way around I read in your words. You don’t have to feel a bit stupid because of that, because I completely understand you. Follow your feelings and give it the time you need. Let’s just take it easy and we’ll manage. I have every confidence in that. I’ll give you all the time you need, I’m not in a hurry. This openness in safety for each other will find its way step by step. I just want to enjoy each other, purely through the words you write to me and I to you. You have opened the place in my heart that was only meant for you. You’ve got the key and nobody else! XX