P0546. Mijn hel


You don’t listen
I know
It doesn’t matter
I learn to love without demands
I learn to be
myself to love Myself

Thanks to my love for you!

It doesn’t matter
what you feel
If you love me so much
Because I don’t love you

Grieve at my photo dear
I laugh
Cry at my harsh words that I send you
I do not want to come near you
I do not love you
Go away please!
Leave me alone
with that intense soul of yours
Those flamethrowers towards my person
I have a relaxed life without you
Who are you to silence
and disrupt everything without wordless nonsense I don’t want that
Leave me alone!

I’m not in love with you.

I run away from your intense heat
From your intense love
I can’t take it
I’m afraid of you
Whisper no longer in my ear
and my soul
I run far away from you

you are my devil
you are my hell
you are everything i ever expected
in life but never found
leave me alone
because without you
i don’t have to realize what i am missing
i am afraid of you
i run away