P0512. I understand you


Sometimes you couldn’t take it anymore
I understand you
It was too much
of everything that was really too much

I also understand that you run away
That you cannot understand this
I understand you so completely
But I only loved you
More I cannot say
Nothing meaningful
just words
that express my heart
Not so important to you
You go your own way

I have no answers
to that which is
and may never be
I only have to live with
this knowledge and pain
And you may be
fluttering from flower to flower
Because you don’t realize anything about
all that doom
I don’t have to say
What I experience
I know that
in your soul
you will find your answer there
We don’t have to talk
We don’t have to be anything
Without you I accept my pain
If something goes beyond the mind
And feeling Being
in another life ethereal country
How can we
realize as a person
how deep all this goes
if we cannot understand
what all this refers to