P0499. Dear twinflame


I wish I could look in the mirror and there could then look in your eyes
I could just close my eyes and enrich my memories
with a delightful sweet kiss given by your lips
Which I sometimes so painfully sexy a glass’m sipping
glasses I did not wash afterwards for a while
Because the print of your mouth remained on the glass
The only thing that is left of you
Life feels like a big test
A test in endurance
But if we both endure it we will not be deceived by the main prize
Steps may not be too large, poorly small and almost invisible
Approach must be carefully sought
subtle and unapproachable
My velvet gloves know how to handle you
Have faith in me my love
I will never let you down
Will always be there for you as I have always been
One day in the far distant future our party starts