P0425. She knows


Dearest i.

She knows
Do we know?

Your soft skin
Your delicate pink nipple I once saw
Perfect, Supple

Your outgoing Spirit
Intimidates, Challenges
Draws us together
Pushes us apart

Competition, Entanglement
Souls attempting to merge
Yet deflecting
All the same, One

I pushed you away
You look at me, “why?”
(my thought) I am standing by you
Not with you

I pushed you away
You cried, “why!?”
(my thought) Oh, jealousy over another man
Not wanting to witness that union

I pushed you away
You thought, “why?”
(my thought) I wasn’t prepared to see
A child not mine

We keep secrets
To ourselves
Do we dare share them
With each other?

Will you come to me in my dreams?
Will you merge with me in slumber?
I reach out to you, you are not there
But she is now gone, come to me

Dare we share breath, heart and eyes.
Spirits united, again
One Spirit

She knows
We should know

Let me come to you