P0388. I was once playing alone


We always said nothing but jumped around us –
her golden eyes sparkled, her lips remained stupid –
the wind already said thoughts, and the dance measure,
which sparkled in diamond on her face.

But at last she said good-bye and has left again,
her dance was dancing on her lips, her dress was like the moon
flickering about the dancing body, so she jumped very, very far,
like the golden moon first, then like the golden star.

I am like an Eastern star, it tingles in the west,
we two birds know the branches of our nests,
we will come together again, isn’t it, isn’t it,
dancing dearest, dearest, dearest, on wind-song?

But in the meantime I’m playing
on a thought harp, the throats
of twilight and darkness
whispering songs to me , it seems like magic.

Herman Gorter