P0367. Anticlimax?


Thank you that through you
I found myself

Thank you for giving me
love and light
to everyone around me

Thank you for finally being able to
not want you in my life
anymore to not want to see your eyes anymore ..

Thank you for letting me look in a mirror
of myself … someone I’m proud of

Thank you for allowing me to look in your mirror for
someone I know for sure … I don’t want to be like that

Thank you for half a year standing
in MY spiritual development …
hopefully I can now continue
where I left off

And I hope that it did something to YOU
that it was not for nothing!

But why am I still missing you….
why do I miss someone I don’t want to know and see
Because I miss YOU, who you really are
you are true I, because I KNOW
who you really are
YOU are after all
hidden behind many masks
very deeply hidden within
the same as I

Do you still know
who you really are?