P0366. Just to be friends

Truth or dare

Things are going back now
Confidence is back
I don’t know why that is due
But it is there, and it feels good

Still it is always difficult
Every moment I miss you
What is the intention
If I knew that ..

The only thing that I want
Is a friendship, is contact
Why is that not possible
Why do you stop it

Of course I also want the ultimate
But if that’s not possible then that’s okay
As long as we can stay in touch
Support each other and especially laugh a lot with each other

You help me by appearing in my life once in a while
And then disappearing extremely hard
Because every time I come one step further
In my process, you let me grow

I am grateful to you for that.
But the lack remains and often hurts so much
Just to be friends,
Is that really too much to ask?