P0303. Angry


Yes, go ahead, you run after the women
Offer yourself and think you’ve found it
Look especially at the looks and think you’ve won the top prize
Pretend that everything doesn’t exist and run away, away from everything your soul has known for centuries, but what your consciousness does not want
I know, you have to learn your lessons and your life to go
I have no part in it and no rights
whatsoever But am I allowed to shout, swear and thrive here?
May I vent my heart here because pain, yes, it does it
I will get over it again, that intense pain that you always cause
It is part of my growth process they say
But I can not help you completely out of my system currently generating units
that you will notice and then touch your panic
Your unconscious anyway
, then come back all signs and feelings of yours that point me to you
, but I want and can no longer
go away, go away, leave me alone with my pain
If only I had never looked in that mirror …

Not the nicest thoughts spin through my mind
Not the nicest feelings pierce my heart
I know; I have no rights, I have no rights