P0239. Attract and repel


When I get closer, you go farther away, you
take your distance and that hurts
When I get over the worst pain again, you come closer and then push me away from you again
It is an endless game
But there is one end to my powers
What I still have
You ca n’t do it on purpose but it still injures me again and again
I am the one who can stop this by closing myself off for you
but I can’t because I love you
Every time I love you you see my heart is wide open you
come to me like a sledgehammer
Dreams about you tell me what I see happening in real life; you don’t see, you wear blinkers, especially during the day
At night and when you have had a drink they sometimes go off for a moment.
You told me yourself, in my dream in which you sat next to me, like sometimes in real life.
What I want to tell you is this; I love you no matter what you do
Unconditional, deep love, intense feelings that drag me along and that I could displace so much
But I don’t do it because despite the pain it feels so good