P0124. Almost home


A rest a life force is bubbling up
to go my own way
not to stand still anymore
my love catches a radiant rainbow
all the fears that I had in my life
piece by piece they go to break free
love and full of desire
did not dare for to choose myself
but that fear is now going to lose
intense desire drives me
now know who hears my voice and soul
in a bath full of bubbling fear
I pull the plug out, love lasts the longest
and you know what, it’s not even that way scary
I am glad that I am finally
love, patience and trust again,
it is sometimes so difficult to hold on to
know that you come once to kiss me
then we may extinguish all our desire
dancing together, the silence, the
real one together , then you and I will never again be just
for a moment .. finally Home

finally believe in you and our heartfelt Love , I understand you and I love you!
Sweet of my life, my Sweet forever
My Adam, my breath, forever

“I belong to you” (from Marco)



Dear, there is so much I want to say to you,
your sweet words touch me deeply,
but it is not allowed yet,
it is safer this way,
silent ………

Love You