P0113. Change


see in your eyes my tears
see on your mouth my smile
shining eyes that i saw in my mirror
tears of not being together

again looking for consolation
full of hope alive for an evening
in which I found you again
sadness separated from you again

say goodbye to enduring
loving moments between many
never even share together
torn apart to please others

hopelessly longing for each other
it is no longer possible to erase
it is they who are mistaken
we have been taking into account for so many years

will change ever?

It could be my poem, how small the world is
Everywhere I meet you, but it never comes to the point
Never should we be together, always surrounded by others
Is it strange that feelings and unspoken thoughts through our dreams and between sentences by meandering?
I constantly feel you, energy flows through me
But even though you are always with me I often feel alone I
could hold you, just for a moment but
never so close
but everything keeps us from going, so we keep going over each other
I dream about you, you about me.