P0092. Feelings

Paul Williams

feelings of passion engulf
you you touch me to the deepest
even now that you are not with me
an all-pervasive feeling of love
my feet, my hands, my body
sizzles everything when i’m dreaming about your ‘day’
you are in my system, in every cell of
you can’t get my life out of it, not even for a moment
we are love for each other too ..
I look at my hands, I see yours
when I walk, I feel your legs
when I have humor, I hear your jokes
look I in my eyes, I drown in yours
I look in the mirror, then you look back
I am sad, I feel you stirring
I am happy, then you tingle through me
I wish, I will feel your passion
every second you are in me and with me
everything reminds me of you
and what I want to give you so much
makes me feel our love
flood feelings of passion