P0084. Always


The clarity of your voice, the light in your eyes
Your willpower, the radiance of your whole being
Your humor and cheerfulness, our lives moved
Your serious questioning look with in it your and my pain

Our love overcomes the obstacles of others
Straight through our walls and ego’s smart list
Just to stay and not to change
My soul persists because it is not mistaken

A signpost, felt so deep in my heart
Because I love you, your sincerity,
Your love that engulfs me in waves
These feelings conquer distance and time

Growing, lovingly alive and in my individuality
Do I continue, sometimes sad and not complete
Desire, a wink, a kiss, some joy
Hoping for more, have I lost you? Will you ever come?

Are you happy? can you continue without my being?
Do not you want that ? I have a place in my heart there you live
My love for you remains my whole life
And longer and then .. and then … always