P0078. I love you

Your girl

You need time
and finally I can give it to you now, at rest ..

You don’t know what you want,
but I know enough if I can look into your eyes.

I missed you so much,
impossible to say how much ..

I don’t want to keep anything away from you,
you’ve seen the ugliest,
now I want to show you my beauty.

Yes, I can’t help it,
I want to touch you and make you
the happiest man on earth ..

But experience teaches me that only you can do that yourself ..


I love you…

I can’t wait to show you,
and the stupid thing is that I can wait …

And I’m going to wait ..

Someday you’ll find your way back to me,
And you’ll get to know me differently,
exactly like in your dreams ..

The way is different,
because I keep following mine,

you too, I hope ..

For me there will never be another ..

I know who you are for me
and I accept it ..

Sweetheart, I love you and
am happy when you come back to me ..

Not in the past, but now in the light,
the present …

I am ready for you, me, us …
With the entire universe