P0077. Tribute to an angel

Henk L. Haveman

Hours, days, weeks fly by
I miss your soft words,
Your wisdom, your honesty
Your presence, your smile
As conquered by a mysterious entity You
wander through my head,
Are you in my mind,
Every moment of the day

Longing for the evening,
When I lie down in my bed
And you in all your beauty
At the gate of my unconscious appears
Let me guide you
To a world of peace and light
Where I can let go of everyday life
And my consciousness fades away

In this world full of spirituality,
Energies of love and power
I experience the most intimate union,
Sealed with a passionate kiss
Hopelessly lost in the Labyrinth
Of your beautiful eyes
Full of surrender and purity, so pure,
Like only Angels do

Full of attention I adore
The contours of your divine body
Take me along the stars,
Who stand high in the sky
Walk with me on your paths,
Which lead to security, love, passion and lust Take me
into your world,
Take me to the blue moon

If the sun’s rays awaken me,
There is nothing that can still deprive me of what I have experienced
But that too will never be able to replace
Being with the most wonderful woman
My inspiration, my Muse, my dearest Angel
You are the inspiration for this poem ,
What else can I say than
My God, how I love you dearly …