P0075. Unconditional


You were only briefly in my life
But what an impact that has given!
So many years later, every now and then I still stand still at that moment
That we have recognized each other’s soul
It was felt deep down
That unconditional love, but not yet ready for this life
I long to feel your embrace
But physical love, that is not what “they” mean!
Universal love, that was given to us
Indescribably, to extend for ever, that is what we experience
It is so many times more than we as human beings know
It creates possibilities that we explore step by step
In the beginning I could not deal with this at all
But after all these years I am slowly learning it
My body, my tools are gradually being expanded
To first receive this unique love, which it then spreads in turn
By choosing this life, we have often felt lonely
We have made sacrifices, what is meant by the meaning of life?
But we are approaching our higher goal step by step
And getting higher and higher on our universal, spiritual staircase
I long for the moment when we will be one again
The moment of “we” and “us” instead of “me” and “my”
no, I do not look back with sadness
but look with his head to the “together” in the offing
The past has shaped me to who I am
And in another I have seen myself, the one I know best
And so my loved ones love the “formed me” again
Because a part of my soul, that’s you
Al make you not part of my current earthly life now
You will be there forever, unconditionally, and not for a moment!