P0069. You


How you and I have known each other for a long time.
We have lost each other.
I had even forgotten that you existed.
Then I ran into you again.
A recognition, by hearing each other’s voice.
And since then we have been etched in each other’s memory.
Both realizing that it cannot be this way in this life.
And again we have lost each other.
However, with a nice memory.
And knowing that this farewell is not forever.
What is eternal is our love for each other.
It has been around for so long and will never pass.
We will meet again one day.
And don’t let each other go.
Because we are at home in each other’s arms.
Safe …… One… ..
But now there is the lack.
An indescribable pain in your heart and in your soul.
Knowing that you are there.
But physically unreachable.
Fortunately there is such a thing as thought power.
That eases the pain a bit.
And my desire for you.
You, my powerful other half.