S391. I started to live more consciously. What do I want and how can I take better care of myself


We met and looked into each other’s eyes intensely. The attraction was so strong that we wanted to love each other almost at that moment. We opened our hearts to each other. A wave of energy, warmth, ecstasy and coming home. Spending hours together. Feel each other. Not surprised if the other struggled with the same topics as you. He looks like me in terms of behavior, appearance and lines of thought. The vision in life is also the same. As if I was constantly walking around in a golden sphere. I dreamed very clearly and physically I seemed to change. He is my male counterpart.

We have dated very briefly. I did not tell him about the soul love because I did not know it myself.

Obstacles: All kinds of practical matters. In particular, we humans still try to explain why we feel something intellectually. Then it goes wrong. There was fear of the pain of really making love.

I think we both didn’t want anything other than a love affair but that there is too much fear. The feeling is so strong that you are blown away by the energy.

We keep our distance. We have said that it is now too complex. We need time. Sometime it is nice that there is time to come to yourself but he is not out of my mind.

I started to live more consciously. What do I want and how can I take better care of myself. I have received energy and more happiness.

I found the most special thing: energy is beautiful being still together and still feeling. I feel very connected to him without being there. And when I saw him with more people around us, I still had that.

Erotic: Being able to say everything to each other while you don’t know each other. I can only feel someone remotely with him.

Love was there immediately. I loved him the moment I looked at his eyes. I literally looked into the soul. I saw myself so pure and beautiful through the eyes of the other.

It is very intense to have this feeling. There is a deep desire and pain and especially fear of losing. But also a deep respect for letting go of each other. Everything is so strongly connected.

I have had many relationships but this is really very special. Feeling so at home so that you can be yourself I have never felt. It’s just right right away.

I am so happy that I have experienced this. Wow