S348. Sweet goodbyes


The intense love between us … makes us hear, see and feel each other. Respect each other for the choices we make … ..to then let go of each other … ..

Those were the words we said to each other after an intensely loving forbidden relationship.
It was not the right time… or indeed, for me at least, because thanks to him I have followed my heart and stayed with myself. He showed me who I am and gave me back my self-worth. Because of him I chose my own happiness and broke my long relationship in which I was not happy with 2 children.
Now I have a life of my own with a very harmonious co-parenting and I have a very good friendship with the father of my children.

My soulmate has chosen his own family.
We knew from the start that we could not be completely together. It was not the right time. Too many lives would be hurt.
That he had to go his own way, I knew that.
I also knew that this would be his choice.
And I am proud of him that he still fights for his family, because it is not easy for him … .. for me either ….

How beautiful it is to be able to experience unconditional love. I feel so privileged! Love without selfishness.
And even though it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I am happy to have experienced it!

The time we were together was so intense, so pure, so open and so honest. We saw each other, heard each other and felt each other. Even from a distance we felt how the other person was doing.
He then told me: “Are you okay?” And I got a lump in my throat, because at that moment he knew it wasn’t going well with me. And I too felt like he wasn’t feeling well. And I also let him know and he confirmed that again. Very special to feel each other like that! We have experienced this several times.

Our touches went to the depths of our heart and soul. Our lips touched and we forgot everything around us. Breathtaking!
We both thoroughly enjoyed the eroticism. Never experienced what it is like to be one with body and soul. But we felt so intense and mad together!
That was really making love in every sense of the word.

We are grateful that we have experienced it.
We both know that we will always love each other.
The fact that we cannot be together now hurts intensely with both.
He finds his way back to his wife and family.
I find my way as a single mother and enjoy what comes my way.
I carry with me that I have an empty and incomplete feeling inside, which hurts a lot because we are not together.
I can only hope that we both find happiness again, wherever that is.

We have not touched each other for a year or have spoken face to face. And half a year ago we broke off all contact because we felt that we both had to live our own lives, and thus find our own happiness without each other.

We remain soulmates forever. And even though we do not look at each other as we pass each other …. we know what we feel for each other and that will be forever! Deep and intense! And we cherish deep in our hearts!