S345. An unbreakable bond


Laughing together, crying together, experiencing everything together for the first time already creates a deep bond! Certainly if it is your real first love in your youth it can be very strong.
Even so strong that when it goes out, you can still maintain a telepathic bond with each other. You know exactly when that other person is also thinking about you, and then you are thinking about him or the other way around! People can also experience this when their partner has died, but in my case it wasn’t. You feel when things are not going well in his new relationship etc. Furthermore, even the act can cause a wave of ecstasy, the way in which this
happens can stay that one time and you could never feel that way again with other partners .Then you speak of a soul relationship.

The cumshot was accompanied by an explosion of moisture outside so that my friend thought I had peed or something. What really wasn’t the case, it didn’t have any urine odor and left no yellow color on the sheets except for a big wet round spot that we
tried to blow dry as the thunder so that my parents didn’t know we had been messing around in their bed while they were not at home. I think tension, cumming at 1 and the same time at the same time and because we experienced our first time so young I really experienced that as the only time. Later in my life with others I never finished like that one time. Is satisfied but then inside nothing
wrong with it is and can be delicious! I also experienced my second spiritual experience when this soul love went out. I didn’t have to look around because I knew exactly what he was going to do and I had a hard time stuttering when I ran into him while I had never stuttered in my entire life. . And when I finally got to know a new friend and was standing at a subway station to go to this new friend’s house, it seemed at first that my heart was rattling like a rope through a
power was pulled out of me and that is why I looked directly at my body but luckily my heart was still there but at the same time got a message that my soul love would arrive with the metro on the other side in the opposite direction than where I went. I saw in a flash how he hung sideways against the window with his head on his hand and his elbow on the edge of a frame and that he would not look at me. And yes I heard a metro coming and everything happened as I had seen it before. But I immediately got a new message: That he would get out at the next stop because he had a feeling that I would be in the subway afterwards and would come to him as a kind of planned reunification.
This did not happen because the choice was mine! And I did not choose love at the time because of course I still loved him. But I chose my mind and thought how he had humiliated me that one time, etc. to give myself the feeling that I made the right decision. I am still together with this man. So poor comfort for all of you. Soul love is ever replaceable although you do not believe it now but by not choosing the easiest way and going back you get other beautiful things back. Now I am talking about a first love with a man. But soul love can also arise between you and a friend!
It may just be someone of your own sex, the neighbor or neighbor or a childhood friend or girlfriend. I mean you have no partnership with that, but also a kind of soul relationship! I also experienced that later with someone I just met at the consultation desk and did not know that he later also became my neighbor. And again later a friend. it is also not said that the person experienced it as the same, but you actually know it is! Don’t ask me why. Because I was the talker and the extraverted figure and she the quiet smiley
Later, I also turned out to be a guide in her life that she seemed to need every now and then with advice and deed, but I did not immediately realize all of this. And now she is no longer there but still in my mind, heart and soul! I have had very special spiritual experiences with her and my thoughts turned out to be her thoughts and my aura was the flower on her mourning card VERY SPECIAL ALL! But
nothing is impossible, life offers us so many beautiful things, but you just have to be aware of it.

Ok had a love bond with my first real love and with the other a friendship as a friend and neighbor. I found out how to let go of your memories so that you don’t keep the soul bond instantaneous. My current partner didn’t really see it as a threat because he saw that I didn’t do it deliberately when I talked about my first love. finally had it for me with another girl only that had been a one year relationship and mine for three years but that ultimately says nothing. A soul bond is not time-bound, and you can have it with everyone, young / old , both male / female etc.

You feel each other so well that you sometimes want to set yourself against each other Because knowing how to feel each other so well is not always pleasant and clashing. You can also hurt each other well. And so you create a new one for yourself. new challenge
You have fewer challenges in that area because you are a unity or just a counterpart, and you also know everything about it exactly. The unknown can sometimes be more attractive. And the well-known repulsive.

We felt good to each other.
And the age was also suitable for age.
With my current husband I have developed a love bond and also a certain bond of soul We know from each other that we are base from the beginning, crazy hey I therefore never wanted to get married. Was a relationship ultimately a bond of trust between 2 people and that piece of paper said nothing to me. We are still together after 30 years. I broke the soul bond with my first friend by releasing the memories… I had to do this because I also have clairvoyant gifts and felt and saw too much what happened in his life. And I finally had peace with a different relationship. And my new husband also granted genuine love. The pain of getting over my first love lasted 9 years.

My soul love brought me certainty! You only realize that much later. It also reinforces your band even more. it makes it harder
for you to separate. But in the end if you stay together it creates a very close intimate bond. Who can be broken by anyone and nothing. You need to be careful with soul lovers They are so precious …!
It happened nml. not every day that you come across one.
Luckily I met another partner and over the years you have grown more and more together, at least that’s how I experience my relationship now.
With a first you experience everything more intensively and it is so different.
Just as with my husband living together is nice and getting closer.
Certainly now that our 3 children have left home, we have more time for each other.
Before the grandfather and grandmother period starts.