S308. A ‘mirror’ that made me more aware


We met through work. The first meeting was during a meeting. I was sitting in front of my great love and I couldn’t stop looking. When I think how my great love looked at me, I felt recognition. But so easily he will have denied or repressed it, purely for fear of feeling and being hurt

It felt like an old acquaintance, while it was actually not known in earthly life. So contradictory. Over time, the feeling began to become stronger, by spending more time together for business. Those beautiful eyes, strong but so vulnerable. Life stories shared my great love with me. Felt good to be allowed to listen and get to know. Half a year later there was unfortunately an interruption due to a misunderstanding, which caused me a lot of grief. It took a while before there was contact again. But when there was contact again, I was so happy.

The relationship was friendly, like a buddy actually. It’s a nice friendship, but I want more depth.

My current lover does not know this. I also don’t know if this ever wants to share, it would be too painful. I prefer to finish it, with a faint reason, no matter how painful it will be.

My obstacles:
fear / doubt that my great love will never be honest or that my love will be answered. Fear of expressing my love and telling what I feel and what my desire is.
Obstacles of my great love:
Bad experiences from the past and in the present and therefore difficult to approach. Has a wall around it.

I do have a love relationship, I see the signs, but still the doubt about what my great love really wants. I would really like to know, so I can do something with it.

What it has brought me: Like a mirror, because I see similar qualities, it makes me more aware. To do fun things in life, go for it. How important warmth, trust, love and companionship is for me.

The most special were the moments that I had the feeling of encountering my great love (vision, premonition, synchronicity or whatever) and a few moments later that was true. Amazing. Spiritually, love is present and always has been.

The soul love feeling is for me: Warm, heavenly, powerful, passionate, caring, loving and never to be forgotten.

A new (soul) love must be just as beautiful for me, otherwise it is not worth it.

my doubt, I am sure it could be something special. It’s just pretty hard to wait for something that you don’t know if it will happen, at some point I just have to continue.

My tip: Try to continue in life despite the pain.