S300. We will soon be marrying each other


I discovered my soul love at a … funeral. He stood there face to face with me from scratch. We looked at each other and at that moment we both knew: we belong together. That one eye contact has turned our world upside down. It felt like coming home to both of us. That feeling was so intense and so intense, impossible to explain or explain. From the first eye contact we were one. We were the missing piece of the puzzle for each other and we knew it from each other at the time, without speaking to each other.

My soul love and I are related to each other, full cousin. The moment we stood face to face with each other, we did not know this about each other. We have never had contact with each other in our younger years.

I only told my husband that I met my “lost” cousin. I didn’t tell anything about the feeling I had. After all, this could not be explained.
The feeling was so strong, so intense that I had to do something with this. I decided in a very short period of time to leave my husband for my soul love. This led to an enormous amount of opinions from others, negativity, incomprehension. I lost all the certainties that I had until then, but I received one great certainty in return: my soul love, the man that I have waited all my life.

From the very first eye contact, my soul love and I both knew that we wanted to share the rest of our lives together, in prosperity and in adversity. From the very first moment there was a deep love. A love affair was no more than a logical consequence. We were destined for each other.

We are still together, still have a relationship with each other. To seal the feeling and bond we have with each other, we will soon marry each other.

We are both very confronted with ourselves because of the feeling that we have each other. It was literally seeing yourself in the other, which has given us enough food for thought, but has enabled us both to cope with the resistances, setbacks and negativity around us. The energy level between us is so high that together we can move mountains, change the world. We feel each other without saying anything, we understand each other without anything having to be explained, we are in contact with each other even though we are not physically together.

The best thing that happened between us was to have found the first eye contact and the accompanying feeling of coming home, of the missing puzzle piece.
The most special thing between us is that we are so identical, not only at the emotional level but also physically. Stand side by side and look in the mirror and then see your own shoulders with your soul love, your own neck, your own feet, your own legs. Of course this is genetically determined, but it gives an extra dimension to our soul love: literally identical.

Because we both wanted a love relationship with each other, we naturally also have a sexual relationship with each other. Everything fits precisely and we are made for each other. This makes it so special compared to previous relationships. I am the mold and my soul love is poured into me. 100% identical.

My soul love feeling – our soul love feeling – is an all-embracing feeling; it is an intense feeling of loving, it is knowing what the other is feeling without this being said, it is being with the other while you are not physically there, it is being connected by an invisible thread, 24 hours a day .

This soul love is the most beautiful thing that has happened to us. We have had to wait a long time, but it has been worth the wait. I never doubted for a moment and I followed my feelings, from moment one, even though I knew that I would lose everything I had. However, this was out of proportion to the feeling that this soul love brought me.